TCL Tab 10s 5G

TCL Tab 10s 5G

TCL Tab 10s 5G

The flawless state of the smartphone screen after purchase does not last long. And this is not surprising, because the average user does not always handle the equipment with care. Unpleasant cases when one careless movement leads to cracks or deep scratches are far from uncommon. Here you accidentally drop your smartphone, put it in one pocket with the keys, and the screen is covered with cracks and scuffs. But there is a simple and affordable way to secure your gadget - this is a sticker of protective screen protector for TCL Tab 10s 5G or polymer film. TCL Tab 10s 5G screen protector on your phone will help protect your gadget from unpleasant accidents.

Here you will find shockproof films and TCL Tab 10s 5G screen protectors, and goods for original models of the Apple iPhone, iPad, as well as for phones (smartphones) and tablets from other manufacturers. With them, the display of the device will be reliably protected from mechanical damage and greasy stains.

What is the TCL Tab 10s 5G phone screen protector made of?

The best screen protector TCL Tab 10s 5G for a smartphone has several layers:

     silicone - base;

     restraining - if damaged, the screen will not crumble, cracks will not creep;

     protective - from chips and scratches;

     anti-glare - in bright light, the image will be clearly visible;

     oleophobic - against dust, greasy prints.

Important parameters of screen protectors for TCL Tab 10s 5G phones

Before you buy a screen protector for a TCL Tab 10s 5G phone in an online store Screen Mobile, you should clarify its dimensions. Accessories are made for a specific phone model or series. TCL Tab 10s 5G glass screen protectors cannot be cut, sharpened, otherwise, their protective function will be impaired.

To choose use two main indicators:

     base layer thickness - it is better to take options of 0.2–0.4 mm, with a greater thickness, the screen will react worse to pressing;

     strength - 9H is optimal, lower strength will not save in a fall, too high an indicator will increase the risk of chips in side impacts.

TCL Tab 10s 5G cell phone screen protector - absolutely shock and scratch-resistant

With all the positive qualities of protective films, they do not in any way reduce the damage to the screen when dropped. For full protection against blows with blunt and sharp objects, the appearance of deep scratches, we recommend ordering shockproof TCL Tab 10s 5G cell phone screen protectors and accessories for other models of phones and tablets from Apple, Xiaomi, Huawei, Lenovo, LG, Meizu, HTC, Sony, ZTE, etc.

With an insignificant thickness (from 0.2 to 0.5 mm), the strength of the TCL Tab 10s 5G glass screen protector is comparable to serial samples of Corning Gorilla Glass. In addition to this, the glasses are equipped with a full anti-reflective filter and an oleophobic coating.

Oleophobic tempered glass and films from Screen Mobile store

For owners of TCL Tab 10s 5G and other models, we offer to order durable protective films and glasses that fully correspond to the size of the devices. Installing a film on your phone will protect the screen from scuffs, make the display more legible in daylight and reduce eye strain during reading. Protective glasses on the screen (display) of your phone or tablet guarantee complete shockproof safety and save you from costly replacement of the display unit.

All you need to stop worrying about the safety of your equipment is to purchase full-screen protection from us. Shop consultants will be happy to help you in the selection and preparation and ordering.